FOX Soccer Match Pass

FOX Soccer Match Pass was a streaming service dedicated to soccer, owned by FOX Sports in the United States. The platform was first launched as and served as the broadband portal for delayed English Premier League match broadcasts. It was re-launched in 2010 during the introduction of TV network Fox Soccer Plus, to offer subscribers soccer games live and on-demand, following FOX Sports’ expansion of media rights and the company’s partnership with Perform Group. In addition to soccer, rugby events were covered on the platform.

In 2012, was rebranded as FOX Soccer 2Go. In 2017, however, the streaming service was renamed yet again, this time, as FOX Soccer Match Pass. This was to better distinguish it from FOX Sports’ other OTT subscription streaming service known as FOX Sports GO. This change also came with the addition and improvement of various features, including higher quality streaming, multi-angle clips, advanced statistics information and more.

Over the years of its existence, FOX Soccer Match Pass has streamed major soccer club competitions. Examples were the German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League and Europa League, and U.S. Major League Soccer.

In 2020, FOX Sports shut down the service. This was due to the platform’s loss of important soccer media rights, most of which had been snatched by other broadcasters, including rivals ESPN. FOX Soccer Match Pass ceased operating on June 30 that year.