Tottenham ace reveals how he nearly missed out on UCL celebration

Tottenham players were entitled to a massive celebration after eliminating Manchester City from the UEFA Champions League, but there was a man that nearly missed out on all of that.

Moussa Sissoko was on the bench when Raheem Sterling scored what would have been the game-winning goal for Manchester City. The French footballer then did what most guys would do: he left the pitch as the Citizens celebrated. What he did not notice was that referee Çuneyt Çakir would disallow the goal due to an offside pointed out by the Video Assistant Referee.

Sissoko told his tale to L'Equipe hours after the game concluded.

"I was on the bench when I saw Sterling's goal, and I was so disappointed and out of myself that I made my way into the dressing room. I was alone, no one joined me, there was no TV around showing the game, and I thought we were out. But then, a member of the staff comes into the dressing room yelling 'yes, we did it!', which prompted me to ask 'What did we do?' That's when I realized that we had won," Sissoko said.

"I put on a shirt I found somewhere, forgot about my injury and ran to the pitch to celebrate this historic moment. I was truly shocked when I found out," Sissoko added.

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