Reasons for Klopp's snub of Manchester United back in 2013 revealed

Jurgen Klopp could have been Manchester United's boss, but he decided to follow the advice of a close relative to ultimately snub the Red Devils.

This revelation has come to light in a recent interview by former Liverpool defender Phil Thompson, who told TV2 in Norway how the German tactician admitted that Manchester United wanted him to take over as coach once Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down as boss, but an advice by his wife Ulla kept him from doing that.

"I interviewed Klopp for Sky, and I asked if he and Liverpool were created for each other. He stared at me and asked 'Why'? Then, Klopp told me he could have taken over Manchester United, but his wife said it wasn't right," Thompson said.

The former defender shared a few more thoughts on this matter.

"When Liverpool came, his wife said it was right. There is something strange there, it is as if he's created for Liverpool,"Thompson added.

Klopp's wife Ulla works as a social worker and children's writer, and she may have hinted Manchester United's struggles, which had her asking her husband to take over as Liverpool's coach. All in all, Thompson thanks Klopp's wife for her advice, since Liverpool is currently the most dominant side in the Premier League and with a good chance of winning the title this season.

"In my time we always lost three to four games at this stage of the season, but this team leads by nine points and lost only one game last season. This season they have beaten everyone, except for a draw at Old Trafford. They are doing something great," Thompson concluded.

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