Arturo Vidal urges Ousmané Dembelé to stop off-the-pitch antics

Arturo Vidal knows that being a star is not easy, but if you have the talent to play for one of the top teams in the world, you really need to be committed to that idea.

With that in mind, the Chilean midfielder aimed a few words at team-mate Ousmané Dembelé, who's behavior at Barcelona has been frequently criticized due to his lack of commitment.

Vidal urged the Frenchman to put his talent at the service of the team, even if that means he can't enjoy that much down time.

"He's got mad skills. When he's mature enough, he will be truly important for France and for Barcelona. But he needs to grow up. He needs to pay attention to what his body is telling him, so he can avoid getting injured. If he wants to be the best, he needs to get up, eat and sleep thinking about football. He needs to realize that at some point he will have to do more," Vidal said.

The Chilean ace, who has had his fair share of problems away from the pitch, admitted that Dembelé is on the right track when it comes to thinking things through. Even so, something tells Vidal that Dembelé is not aware of the amazing chance he's been given to play for the Catalan giants.

"I talk to him a lot. He's a great kid, and he's the first one out there trying to be better. He came to Barcelona being 20 years old and without any experience. He needs to find out what he wants in life, he needs to focus on where he's playing and who he's playing with. I see that he is evolving, and he needs to keep that up," Vidal added.

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