Sadio Mane comes clean about argument with Mohamed Salah

Sadio Mane and Mo Salah made headlines for their very public row during the team's victory against Burnley a few weeks back, and now, the Senegalese footballer has come clean about his relationship with his team-mate.

Speaking to Canal Plus, Mané revealed the exact words between himself and Salah that ended all controversy.

"He said to me 'Sadio, why are you angry?' I told him 'You needed to give me the ball, Mo', to which he replied 'I didn't see you. You know I've got nothing against you,'" Mané recalled.

The African footballer added that Jürgen Klopp tried to fix things between his players, but he was happy to find out that he did not need to do that.

"We talked between ourselves, and then the manager called me into his office and we spoke. I told him it was already sorted and he was pleasantly surprised," Mané added.

English media members tried to create a problem between the duo, but Mané dismisses such claims in this interview.

The former Southampton player added that nothing has changed between himself and Salah after that incident, since they tend to send texts to each other whenever they like.

"We talk on the phone sometimes, we text each other and we don't have a problem," Mané stated.

Before the interview concluded, Mané "thanked" one of his team-mates for providing a moment of levity right after the game.

"(Georginio) Wijnaldum, who likes to tease people, waited until everyone was there, came up to me and asked out loud 'Mo Salah, why did Mane want to hit you?' and the whole team started laughing," Mané concluded.

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