Suárez aims one final dig at Barça execs in final presser as a Blaugrana

September 24, 2020 will be marked as the last day in Luis Suárez's successful stint at Camp Nou, and even if the Uruguayan player tried to keep it together during his final presser with the club, he simply could not avoid to shed a few tears while speaking about his six years with the Catalan side.

Furthermore, the player admitted that he had finally made peace with himself about the fact that Ronald Koeman, Blaugrana boss, had told him he was surplus to the team's requirements. While speaking about this fact, Suárez aimed a slight but powerful dig at Barcelona execs and compared his situation with that of his teammate and friend, Lionel Messi.

"I think that every player has his time at any given club, and if they think that the player has to leave, you have to accept that. The same thing happens when a player tells a club that he wants to leave. It's hard to deal with, but you have to think about what's best for your family and you have to accept what happens," Suárez said.

Surprisingly, the player hinted that playing against Barcelona will be quite motivating, and even if there will be a mix of feelings, he will accept that challenge when the time comes.

"I have not digested my exit. I will go there with the illusion that a new project brings. I told some of the guys that they know me and I know them as well. It will be something nice to see them on the pitch," Suárez.

Last, but not least, the footballer referred to his well documented relationship with Lionel Messi and how their friendship should not change once he leaves the club.

"We know each other pretty well, we don't need to give each other advice and we're too old for that. Obviously, it will be weird to play against him, but we'll see what the future has to offer. I have played against him during the Uruguay-Argentina games, and that has not changed our relationship or the feelings we have for each other," Suárez concluded.

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