NBC Sports Gold to offer free access to Premier League content

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, life has basically come to a screeching halt, as a disease that originally started in Wuhan, China, sometime in 2019 has now become a worldwide problem. Football has suffered as a result due to the fact that at the end of the day, human safety and health absolutely must come first, and so fans are now having to wait months to see their favorite teams back in action.

So, people are having to get creative to find ways to whet their appetites. One way is documentaries, and we here at Live Soccer TV have generously put together a great list of suggestions to keep you entertained during this uncertain waiting period.

But while you binge on documentaries, you still want to tune into 90 minutes of action. Just to relive those moments when your favorite player scored a brilliant goal, or there was that controversial flashpoint that decided a game. After all, the top leagues will eventually resume action at some point. We just don't know when, and over in England, there's some hope that the Premier League may start sometime in May.

To that end, NBC Sports, through their OTT arm, NBC Sports Gold, has decided to offer its subscription-based services for fans for free. In this package, fans will get to enjoy the following:

Re-plays of matches from the 2019/2020 season

That's right. You'll get to see the Manchester Derby. Chelsea vs. Tottenham. Current league leaders Liverpool vs. last season's champions Manchester City. Manchester United vs. Liverpool. And more, as there are tens of other games on offer.

Over 50 episodes of Premier League World

Documentary buffs, this is for you. Thanks to their partnership with Sky Sports, you'll get to see personal stories and insights from former players and coaches, as well as a fly-on-the-wall look at current teams, and finally one-on-one interviews with current players and and coaches. In short, for people who want more than just regular on the pitch action, this added feature will surely pique their interests.

11 episodes of Premier League Legends

If the 50+ episodes of Premier League World isn't enough, there's also 11 episodes of Premier League Legends included in this package. You get a great look at some of the most iconic players ever to play the beautiful game in the world's most followed league. A must-watch for any true disciple and fan of the Premier League, that's for sure.

Key highlights

This includes best goals from past seasons, classic Premier League matches, and more.

Sounds exciting, right?

But if you want to enjoy this great offer, the early bird gets the worm! You must make sure you sign up by April 30th.

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