B/R Live offering free streaming including UCL, Europa League and more football content

The subscription includes a wide range of football content ranging from UEFA Champions League finals to exclusive player interviews. Bleacher Report offered its streaming services via a newsletter sent to fans. 

"Hello fans, we know it's been tough without sports the last two weeks. We miss them just as much as you all do, so we're here to help. This special newsletter will take you through every sport, league, and competition on B/R Live that you can still watch anywhere and anytime, on a phone, laptop, or connected device."

"And the best part is, with a couple of exceptions, everything on the platform will be FREE. Here's the rundown. Happy streaming."

Here is all the football content Bleacher Report will offer to fans.

English club channels

Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Borussia Dortmund fans will have access to their club's channel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The channels stream match replays, full season in review, feature specials with players and coaches and highlights.

  • MUTV
  • Arsenal TV
  • Spurs TV
  • BVB World

All things UEFA Champions League

Bleacher Report offers a vast amount of UEFA Champions League content ranging from classic final specials to full replays of every match from the last two seasons.

  • Full replays of every match from the last two seasons
  • Classic Final Specials
  • Full replays of classic matches
  • Highlight and magazines show

UEFA Europa League 

The UEFA Europa League content is similar to that of the UCL, including its all-English 2019 final between Chelsea and Arsenal.

  • Full replays of every match from the last two seasons
  • Highlight and magazine shows

More football

Full replays of select Scottish Premiership and Belgian Pro League matches.

eLeague FIFA

Three FIFA Ultimate Champions Cup tournaments will be available to watch free. Each FUT Champions Cup features one day of group play, a day of knockout rounds and a day of semifinals and finals.

  • FUT Champions Cup 2019 in Atlanta, GA
  • FUT Champions Cup 2020 Stage III in Atlanta, GA
  • FUT Champions Cup 2020 Stage IV in Paris, France

B/R Live on Youtube 

And last but not least, there will be even more highlights and content from B/R Live sports and competitions that are available via Youtube.

  • UCL condensed matches and player highlights

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