ANT1 Satellite

Die Übertragungsrechte wurden von ANT1 Satellite erworben

ANT1 Satellite is a Greek-language television network available in North America via major cable and satellite providers. Countries in which users may get access to the channel include the Bahamas, Canada, and the United States. It broadcasts in 576i (SDTV) and serves as the international feed for Greece’s ANT1 Group-owned private network ANT1.

Over the years, ANT1 Satellite’s programming has included television series, entertainment programs and Greek sports coverage. Content aired on ANT1 Satellite may not be exactly the same as the original ANT1 TV network. In the past, restrictions have applied and exclusive sports rights have not always been shared between the local and North American versions of the network.

ANT1 Satellite is available in Canada following an agreement with Ontario-based Greek-language TV broadcaster Odyssey Television Network.