Dani Alves shares foul-mouthed insight on VAR controversy involving Real Madrid

The always outspoken defender Dani Alves had to share his views on the voices that claim a conspiracy to help Real Madrid win the title thanks to VAR technology. All Alves needed to get involved was a question from a fan, and he decided to let it all out with a couple of tweets.

The game between Athletic and Real Madrid on Sunday raised a few eyebrows among fans, who seemed to believe that Sergio Ramos had fouled Raúl García inside the box. Athletic's player was on offside position when the "foul" was allegedly committed, which would rule out the possibility of having the ref make the call, but it was a good way to keep the controversy going. Either way, a fan asked Alves' thoughts on this issue, and the Brazilian footballer did not hold back.

Answering the question "I'd like to know what the great Dani Alves thinks about Sergio Ramos' action", Alves aimed a dig at the Spanish giants.

"One day they taught us that we had to do more than we were used to do, or we would not reach our goals, and we did," Alves said.

Then, the Brazilian footballer replied to another user that sarcastically added a screen shot of the 2017 UEFA Champions League final, where Los Blancos slammed Juventus 4-1 to take the title home. This reply by the South American ace was a bit outspoken, to say the least.

"We were not able to do as we were told on that day and we got fu**ed. But I'd say that the balance was quite positive," Alves added.

The controversy could see Barcelona president Josep María Bartomeu fined after his comments on Sunday, where he seemed to blame VAR officers for their influence in the outcome of Real Madrid's games.

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