Sterling opens up on Liverpool past while refusing to rule out return to Anfield

Raheem Sterling held a Q&A session with his fans on social media, and one of his answers will surely make fans wonder about what could happen in the future.

The player, who has been linked with a move to Real Madrid and other top-caliber teams in the world, replied to a question about a possible return to Anfield. While the player urged his fans not to make too much fuzz about it, he admitted his feelings towards the club where he became a professional footballer.

"Would I ever go back to Liverpool? To be honest with you I love Liverpool. Don't get it twisted, they are always in my heart. It's a team that done a lot for me growing up so…" Sterling stated.

Sterling left Liverpool in 2015, and fans don't seem to have forgotten neither about the way he left them, nor about his antics on the pitch. Although it seems like a long shot, the chances of watching him retire while using a Liverpool jersey may seem slim at the moment, but if the player is open to that possibility, anything can happen in years to come.

The 25-year-old will see the end of his current deal at Manchester City coming to an end in 2023. 

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