Guardiola shares curious insight after learning about busy Christmas schedule

Pep Guardiola is having a hard time coping with the poor start of the season Manchester City has endured, and now, he's found the perfect culprit to his woes.

Speaking in the pre-match presser for this weekend's game against Crystal Palace, Guardiola admitted to being baffled over the fact that the Citizens will be facing two teams in less than 48 hours, contrary to what will happen with Liverpool.

Despite his anger, Guardiola tried to joke a little bit when asked about his tight schedule during the last days of the year.

"The broadcasters are the bosses, it's not about us. Maybe the broadcasters are fans of another club," Guardiola said.

Guardiola questioned why it is not up to the teams when they will play. The coach believes that the league should worry a bit more about those who play instead of worrying about their own benefit.

"I love to play Boxing Day and the winter time, the families and kids enjoying the games. But we don't protect the players. The system doesn't protect the players. Honestly, it is too much," Guardiola added.

Manchester City will play three games in less than six days, with an away game against Wolverhampton on December 27 kicking things off. Next, the Citizens will host Sheffield United on December 29, and to top it all, the defending champions will have to play against Everton on January 1. Guardiola compared his team's schedule to Liverpool's who will play against Leicester on December 26, with a clash against Wolves on December 29 and a home game against Sheffield on January 2.

After that comparison, Guardiola hinted that those meetings between his staff and the league are useless, since the players are not their main concern when programming games.

"We have meetings with Premier League, the managers...they are so glad -nice pictures, nice coffee-but it doesn't matter, we have to play. On another day we'll have more recovery time than the others, it is what it is," Guardiola concluded.



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