WATCH: Karius drops the ball in UEFA Europa League clash

Unfortunately for the German shot-stopper, Sergio Ramos and his elbow won't be around to pin the blame on them this time.

Besiktas kicked off their UEFA Europa League performance with a visit to Slovan Bratislava, and things were off to the worst start possible when Karius decided to leave the box to try and clear the ball with his head.

The goalie miscalculated the path of the ball and left his net unguarded for Andraz Sporar to score the first goal of the evening. What makes matters worse is that Karius could have avoided this if he had spoken out loud to prevent a clash between himself and one of his team-mates, which left the ball loose for Slovan's striker to find the back of the net.

Have a look at this moment of the game and decide for yourself if Karius is to blame (Image might be geo-restricted).

The game concluded with a 4-2 win for the home side, and even though Karius was not to blame for the other three goals, paving the way for the home team to score is not the contribution you would expect from him.


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