Barcelona reportedly asking for massive bank loan to pay for Neymar

Barcelona wants to keep signing as many talented players as they can get their hands on, but they will need a bit of help to make it happen.

The Blaugrana side seems to be first in line to end Neymar's PSG nightmare, but the club just can't afford the player's signing on their own. The signings of Antoine Griezmann, Frenkie de Jong, Neto and Marc Cucurella have raised the team's transfer tally to over $250M, and a potential deal for Neymar would take that number to over $400M, which gives Barcelona two options: to ask for a bank loan -such as the one they asked to complete Griezmann's deal- or to sell as many players as they can, according to a report by Marca.

UEFA's Financial Fair Play rules state that the difference between the transfer expense and income can't be higher than €100M ($112M), which means that Los Blaugranas would need to sell some of their footballers for a bit over $336M to balance that number. Hence, a bank loan seems like the preferred option, but Blaugrana execs are ready to try and convince PSG to let the player leave on a cash-plus-player (or players) deal.

Earlier today, a report by L'Equipe suggested that Barcelona's first offer to lure Neymar back to Camp Nou was rejected by PSG. The bid had Barcelona offering $45M for the player, adding Coutinho and Rakitic to the mix. The French publication added that Les Parisiens want more money, and Neymar's inner circle will allegedly try to twist Barcelona's arm to push the deal through.

The other option for Barcelona involves sending players away from the club. Philippe Coutinho, Ivan Rakitic, Ousmane Dembelé, Malcom and even Arturo Vidal have been tipped as options to leave the club, but their exits would be used to balance Barcelona's financial statements, with more money being needed to fund Neymar's deal.

Be that as it may, it seems that despite Neymar's desires, it will not be easy for Los Blaugranas to see his return happening. Let's wait until the end of the summer transfer window to see how this saga concludes.

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