USMNT ace reveals receiving death threats from Mexican fans

We've always known that passions surrounding a football game are high both on and off the pitch, but the latest revelation by American striker Jozy Altidore is quite worrying.

Former Villarreal and Sunderland striker Jozy Altidore came clean about an alleged racial abuse and death threat against him that took place in the 2017-18 CONCACAF Champions League when he faced Club América.

According to Altidore's words to Bleacher Report, Club América fans kicked off the insults by judging his skills on the pitch, but all insults escalated up to the point where a fan showed him a gun in a threatening manner.

"We were told all sorts of things, starting with the usual 'you suck' and that sort of thing. But then, I noticed that at the end of the publication, a Club América fan sent me a pic aiming a gun at his face. I didn't want to open it, but this fan sent me quite a few pictures holding the gun in different ways," Altidore stated.

Altidore also revealed that racial slurs were also part of the way América fans attempted to get inside his head.

"They also called me 'piece of sh* ni***r', and even if that is a common thing when you have played in several CONCACAF nations, I was really worried about those pics of a man showing a firearm and his messages about how he could try to hurt me," Altidore added.

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