Serie A agrees to wage cuts amid COVID-19 pandemic but with two stipulations

Serie A clubs have unanimously agreed to wage cuts for their players and coaching staffs amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Talks of a decrease in salary amid these difficult times have been going on for a while in the Italian top-flight but only now has an agreement been reached.

Due to the lack of live football, and with it Matchday and broadcasting revenue, the league and the clubs are financial trouble. As a result, an emergency general assembly was held via video conference with the 20 top-flight teams, with the Serie A sides agreeing to impose wage reductions in order to keep the ship afloat.

The league made two propositions for two different stipulations. One condition was if the 2019/20 season was unable to resume, meaning the remainder of the campaign being canceled. Were this to happen, then wages would be cut by a third, meaning four months’ worth of salary. If the league was able to resume, then the cut would be one sixth, which translates into two months’ worth of salary gone for the players.

Nineteen of the 20 Serie A teams voted in favor for this arrangement, according to league officials (as per Sky Sports) with the exception of Juventus. The reigning champions abstained from the vote as they had already agreed to wage cuts with their players under their own terms. As for the 19 clubs that gave the green light to this proposal, they must now negotiate the cuts with their players. It should be noted that the Italian football players association has not given their blessings to this arrangement and it is believed they could oppose it.

The Italian top-flight is currently suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus crisis. Italy is one of the world’s worst-hit country and for this reason, Serie A will only return to action once it is safe. Despite this, the league’s main goal is to wrap up the season at a later and safer date.

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