New Barça boy Braithwaite shares hilarious take on debut alongside Messi

Working next to Messi is something players tend to appreciate, but Martin Braithwaite has added a whole new dimension to that milestone.

The Danish footballer helped the Blaugrana side beat Eibar 5-0, with Messi scoring a poker for Los Culés. Braithwaite handed out two assists during his time on the pitch (one of them to Messi) and he spoke about that experience in what could seem as an hilarious tale to some.

"I will not wash my clothes after receiving Messi's hugs," Braithwaite stated.

The former Leganés striker shared with the media what Messi told him after his debut.

"Messi has congratulated me. He is a great boy and he wants me to be at ease,"the Danish player added.

Before he left the mixed-zone, Braithwaite openly admitted that being able to play for the Catalan club is a dream come true for him.

"Yes I will admit, I didn't think I would be playing for Barcelona a week ago," Braithwaite concluded.

The striker will surely try to make his minutes in La Liga count, especially since he will not be allowed to play for Los Culés in the UEFA Champions League.

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