El Clásico could be re-scheduled due to political protests in Barcelona

What started out as a possibility may end up taking place, as La Liga authorities along with representatives of Spain's government have urged Real Madrid and Barcelona to postpone the game between the two Spanish giants set to take place on October 26.

According to reports by Spanish newspaper Marca, both clubs have ruled out the possibility of switching the order in which El Clásico was supposed to be played this season (first at Camp Nou, then at the Bernabeu next year), leaving the possibility of postponing the game on the table.

The report by the Spanish newspaper reveals that the game will not take place on October 26, since the political protests surrounding the game would not allow Catalan policemen to guarantee the amount of security needed for such a high profile game. 

La Liga authorities will have a say on this matter in the next couple of days, but as things stand today, El Clásico may not be played as originally scheduled. In fact, December 18 is being mentioned as the potential date in which the game will be held. 

Off the record sources told Marca that Barcelona does not want to postpone the clash, but since La Liga will decide, the most feasible scenario would be to have the game being played on a later date.

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