Cameraman shares how he gave Guardiola a lift after Man City's title parade

Imagine if you had to work on covering your favorite team's victory parade, and then, one member of said team's staff asked you to give the team's boss a lift back to his hotel.

That's exactly what happened to BBC cameraman Mark Hilton, who was in charge of taking Pep Guardiola back to his hotel amid Manchester City's title celebrations. 

According to Hilton, he was getting ready to leave when a member of the Citizens' staff approached him to ask for a favor, which involved giving Guardiola a lift.

"I was just about to leave, and this security guy comes over, all Men in Black, with a City suit on, and an earpiece in, and he said 'are you going'?" Mark told the Manchester Evening News.

"So I said 'yeah'. And then he said 'You couldn't give Pep a lift home, could you? I said 'you what?' And he said 'can you give Pep a lift home, we can't get him out," the cameraman continued

"I said: 'Give him a lift home? I'll carry him home, get him in!" Hilton added.

The cameraman described his curious meeting with Guardiola and shared details on why the Spanish boss ended up using the co-pilot's seat of his work truck.

"Pep was saying he'd walk home and all his security guards were saying 'No, you can't walk, you can't walk. So one came and got me ad asked if I'd give him a lift,"Hilton stated.

Before taking a snapshot to make this moment last forever, Hilton said that Guardiola was understandably shy, but even if he did not say much, the coach was amicable towards the cameraman.

"I think he was a bit edgy because he could tell I wanted to stick the lips on him, so he was edging over towards his door, but he was dead nice. I obviously didn't play it cool - on the picture I've got the biggest, cheesiest rin on my face, and all the way there I was going 'Pep, no one's ever going to believe this happened," Hilton described.

At last, the cameraman took a selfie with the two-time Premier League winner, which he posted on social media.

"My phone had died, so I didn't think I was going to be able to take a picture. But I found my work phone in the end and took it on that," Hilton concluded.

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