Kovac slams James' chances of staying at Bayern in pre-match presser

Just when things seemed to be improving for James Rodríguez at Bayern München, Croatian boss Niko Kovac practically killed all hopes for the Colombian to extend his stay with Die Roten if Kovac keeps his job with the current Bundesliga leaders.

Speaking at the pre-match press conference for the DFB-Pokal clash between Bayern and Werder Bremen, Kovac explained the reasons why he chose to snub James from the big match against Borussia Dortmund a couple of weeks ago. While doing so, he hinted that the Colombian might not have a spot in his lineup if he remains as Die Roten's boss next year. Leon Goretzka also got slammed by Kovac's statements.

"We kept James Rodríguez and Leon Goretzka out of the Dortmund clash for tactical reasons, and we went on to win 5-0. I really had to ask myself: 'Why should I change anything?'" Kovac said.

Rodríguez had some physical problems before that game, which helped German newspapers in concluding that the Colombian had missed out on that game for that reason. Today's words by Kovac have revealed the truth behind his snub.

Kovac then handed one more hint on what could happen to James in the near future, mainly because the player's two-year loan at Bayern is set to conclude with the season.

"We will reach a decision when we play our last game. We will talk about all transfers during the summer," Kovac concluded.

Real Madrid loaned James two years ago and slapped a $47M price tag on the Colombian to make the deal permanent. Following these words, it seems that Rodríguez's options of keeping his spot on Bayern's squad are slim, to say the least.


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