PSG becomes first football team ever to sign new partnership with Chinese brand

PSG have now become the first team to sign a sponsorship deal with a vaping company. The one-year deal with Greekvape, who are a Chinese organization, will go into effect just in time for the upcoming 2021/2022 campaign. This innovative partnership will see Les Parisiens and Greekvape link up on a host of activities, including co-branded products in specific geographic locations and television campaigns.

Vaping, which is basically a consumer using an electronic cigarette (commonly known as e-cigs) has gotten some controversy from some quarters due to the content of the liquid solution that becomes a vapor when the individual uses his or her smoking device. While some studies have found that electronic cigarettes may be less harmful than traditional cigarettes due to a lower concentration of toxic chemicals versus regular smoke, they also do contain components which may (or may not) be harmful that aren't found in regular cigarettes.

Controversy on the vaping practice aside, this certainly is a huge milestone for Greekvape, who were founded just six years ago, as well as PSG. It will be quite interesting to see if this one-year deal becomes a longer-term collaboration, and whether other teams decide to follow in their stead by signing partnerships with vaping companies.

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