Dybala came clean to CR7 about negative criticism against him in Argentina

Paulo Dybala has been quite active during the quarantine, especially after recovering from coronavirus. This time, the Argentine had a chat with his country's football federation where he discussed life at Juventus right next to Cristiano Ronaldo, someone who has been frequently criticized in the South American country due to his rivalry with local hero Lionel Messi.

According to Dybala, his words for CR7 were not the most flattering, since he told the Portuguese ace how some people in Argentina loathe him and how their opinion was something that influenced Dybala's idea if who CR7 is.

"I told him: 'Cristiano, we somewhat hate you in Argentina because you walk around like if you were all that. Because of your posture, your style when you walk and stuff. But honestly, I have changed my thoughts on you because I found out that you are a completely different human being'," Dybala stated.

The Argentine ace added that Cristiano took his initial words lightly, while also admitting that he tends to behave like that as a defense mechanism.

"I know I can be like that, and I am used to people saying such things about me," Cristiano told Dybala during the exchange.

The former Palermo playmaker went further to discuss his relationship with Lionel Messi, especially after the controversy generated by his lack of minutes during the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the 2019 Copa América, which were blown out of proportion by South American reporters.

"I never wanted to criticize Messi or any of my team-mates, I just wanted to improve something which I believe could be improved. I even talked to Leo about it, because we have a similar tactical behavior. We even spoke to Scaloni so there was a way for both of us to play at the same time. Even after all of that, I have to be honest on one thing: I would have loved to give more for the Argentine team. I barely played in the World Cup and it was the same in the Copa América, but I've always been respectful of our coaches," the South American player concluded.


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