Cristiano Ronaldo names the one thing he needs to do to top Messi as the best of all time

Cristiano Ronaldo seems determined to become the best footballer of all time, even if Lionel Messi has earned that distinction for many fans and experts. But how exactly will CR7 pull off such a stunning move? By winning more individual trophies.

Speaking in an interview with Piers Morgan, the footballer revealed his desire to earn quite a few more Ballon D'Ors in the last years of his career to settle the debate between himself and the Argentine.

"I want to win more Ballon D'Or trophies than anyone ever has. I'd love to see that happen and I think I deserve it. Messi is a fantastic guy and an awesome player, but after winning six, seven or eight Ballon D'Or trophies, I'll be able to surpass him," CR7 said.

The footballer went on to describe his relationship with "La Pulga" and how both of them have been a source of inspiration for one another.

"(Our relationship) is good. We're not friends, but we've shared the spotlight for the last 15 years. We get along well and I know that he motivates me to be a better player. I feel I do the same for him," the Portuguese ace added.

Messi and CR7, pictured with Virgil Van Dijk during UEFA's Gala on August 29.

The footballer admitted that he will respect those who don't think he can become the best footballer in history, but he will try hard to do so before his career comes to an end.

"I can't control what people think or what they like. Some like one player and others have different tastes. Personally, I believe that I'm the No.1 footballer in history, and if I don't top that list, I know that I am among the best in the history of this game," Cristiano Ronaldo concluded.

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