WATCH: Eriksen takes 'selfie' with Inter fans as move to Serie A is inminent

Danish midfielder is set to complete his move to Inter Milan, and even if the club is not ready yet to announce the deal, the footballer is no longer coy about his intentions.

The player took a plane to Milan this morning to have a medical examination, which is key to secure a prominent deal with his new club. Once he ended the battery of tests, he ran into Inter Milan supporters that were chanting his name at the medical facility where he was tested.

There, Eriksen waved at them and even took a selfie from the top floor of the hospital, which means that there are only a couple of details to be sorted out before the deal can be announced.

Have a look at Eriksen's gesture aimed towards Inter fans.

Inter will surely put Eriksen's skills to good use, following three straight draws that have seen them lose the top spot in the Italian league against Juventus. The midfielder may not feature for Inter in their Coppa Italia clash on Wednesday, but he could be making his debut as a nerazzurri on Sunday against Udinese.

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