Bayern exec slams Ter Stegen amid battle for No.1 spot with Germany

The battle for Germany's goalkeeping job took a turn to the ugly since last week, when Marc-André Ter Stegen blasted Joachim Löw's decision to give the nod to Manuel Neuer. The player's words found echo in one of Neuer's employers, and the debate regarding who should be Die Mannschaft's first-choice under the sticks does not seem to be nearing its conclusion.

Earlier today, Bayern exec Uli Hoeness stepped up to defend his footballer, and while doing so, he aimed a harsh dig at Barcelona's goalie. 

The Blaugrana shot-stopper had stated that being Neuer's replacement with the Germans was "driving him a bit crazy," but that he would try to win the No.1 spot under his own terms. Today, Hoeness referred to his latest words and launched a scathing attack, which included a mention of Neuer's resume.

"He (Ter Stegen) speaks as if he had won 17 World Cup titles. He does not have any right to make demands, Neuer is the best German goalkeeper without a doubt. We don't like the reputation of our players being tarnished. He will always be the best," Hoeness said.

The former footballer went further in defending Die Roten's ace, dismissing the idea of having to relinquish his spot as Germany's top goalie, especially after all his contribution to the national team.

"He must be joking. Ter Stegen has not earned the right to play for the German side regularly. Goalkeepers have something different than other players. Manuel Neuer is the best, he has been the best in the world for many years. This discussion should not be taking place at all. We are talking about a supreme player who has defended the national team's net for a very long time and with a high level of reliability," Hoeness added.

Germany will be playing next month in the UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers, but the air between these footballers wil need to be cleared before they jeopardize Die Mannschaft's spot in the continental tournament. 

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