Former UCL winner with Liverpool slams Messi and PSG's chances to win the title

PSG's misfortunes in the UEFA Champions League have caused quite a stir among fans and experts, but the most vicious dig against the French side came from a former English footballer turned pundit.

Speaking in his capacity as analyst for Paramount Plus, former defender Jamie Carragher slammed the team for their lack of intensity during a key game. Added to that, the former center back aimed a dig at the team's famous attack featuring Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé, and Neymar.

"There are four teams who I think can win the UEFA Champions League, and none of them have any 'passengers' as part of the squad. PSG carry the weight of three passengers and they don't have a shot at winning the Champions League. They will never win it with Messi, he is always strolling around the park," Carragher said.

Then, the former footballer aimed a dig at Kylian Mbappé.

"I'm frustrated more by Mbappé than by anyone else. He is 22 and he should be sprinting back to help his teammates against a top team such as Manchester City. You can expect that from Messi because he is 34 (years old), but not from Mbappé. Maybe it's just me, but going about the pitch like you were just passing by is not for me," Carragher added.

Last, but not least, Carragher urged manager Mauricio Pochettino to part ways with the club, especially if he is being tempted by Manchester United to take the permanent job.

"Pochettino should leave the club. If he has the chance to join Manchester United, I'd leave ASAP. And he should leave because he will achieve success without his three superstars, " Carragher concluded.

PSG will enter the next round of the UEFA Champions League after finishing second in their group behind Manchester City, but the fate of their coach or their famous attack is yet to be determined.

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