Barcelona ace aims fresh dig at Abidal after Napoli draw

Barcelona could be in major problems for the second leg of the UEFA Champions League against Napoli, and according to one of the team's captains, there is one man inside the organization that should be held accountable.

Speaking after the game between Los Culés and Napoli, midfielder Sergio Busquets admitted he had to play with the risk of being booked, which was something that eventually happened and will force the player to watch the second leg from a box at Camp Nou.

"Semedo and I were in that situation, and then Vidal was sent off. We will try to beat them with whatever players we have around," Busquets said.

The lack of first-team players is something that could play a key role in the outcome of the season, and Busquets did not hold back when aiming a dig at Eric Abidal, former left back and current sporting director for the Catalan club.

"They decided to plan our season this way, we have a huge number of absences, there's nothing we can do about it now. We will try to put up a good fight. We're short on men, and we have to find ways to reinvent ourselves," Busquets added.

Busquets' comments will surely not go down well among Barcelona's hierarchy, especially since there could only be 12 first-team players available for the second leg, as reported yesterday.


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