Liverpool ace snubs Coutinho's chances of returning to the team

Philippe Coutinho has seemingly made a mistake when it comes to his playing career. Since he left Liverpool, the Reds have turned into a dominant force both in the EPL and in the UEFA Champions League, and it's precisely that notion that helps one of Liverpool's top players to say that Coutinho would no longer be a good fit for the current Premier League leaders.

Speaking in an interview with Sport, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson admitted that Coutinho's exit was a blow to the team, but it also helped them merge better on the pitch and eventually contributed to the team's rise.

"I thought that it was going to be a big loss for us, it would be for any team. But I felt it was a moment to take a step forward. The guys lifted their performances and we fixed things without him quite well," Henderson stated.

Then, when asked about the possibility of having Coutinho back, the team captain practically smashed his chances of doing so.

"The guys adore him, so if you ask any of them, I am sure they would say they would love to have him back. But I think his time here has passed, he's moved and I hope that in the near future we see the same Phil that we saw here," Henderson added.

Coutinho is currently on loan at Bayern München, but given his current performances, it seems like the German side will not make a move to sign the Brazilian player permanently. Now, after Henderson's words, it also seems unlikely to see Coutinho back at Anfield anytime soon.