Beckham facing new roadblock to build state-of-the-art venue for MLS club

Considering all the problems this project has faced since its inception, David Beckham's MLS franchise seems destined to be one hell of a headache for the former English captain.

The latest problem Beckham is facing before Inter Miami FC takes the pitch for the first time has to do with the ground where the stadium is supposed to be built.

A study by environmental firm EE&G revealed that three chemical agents have been found on the surface after running 140 tests. The chemical elements found on the ground are arsenic, barium and lead, which can be lethal for humans if they are found in the environment.

The report suggests that arsenic rates found in the ground's surroundings are two times above the limit established by international authorities. All traces of these chemicals made their way to the ground decades ago, due to an old municipal incinerator being located there.

The report by the Miami Herald states that the former English footballer may need to spend over $50M to have the ground fit to house the project. 

Beckham is set to build the state-of-the-art venue, which would also include a shopping mall and a couple of hotels, set to be located yards away from the 28,000-seat stadium.

Inter Miami FC will play its first MLS season in 2020, and plans to move into their own stadium might be delayed due to this new complication.

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