Las Vegas PD set to gather evidence in Cristiano Ronaldo's alleged rape case

The case involving Cristiano Ronaldo and former model Kathryn Mayorga is expected to continue this year, and the Las Vegas Police Department has taken a major step to determine the player's involvement with the accusing part.

A report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that the law enforcement authorities from Nevada have sent a warrant to their Italian counterparts, so the footballer can provide them a DNA sample. The fresh sample will be compared to a box of evidence provided by the accusing part, which includes a dress that allegedly has some of the Portuguese star's DNA.

In order to determine his guilt, CR7 has stated through his attorneys that he is willing to cooperate with the investigation. The player's lawyers have always said that the encounter between Mayorga and the Portuguese ace was consensual in nature.

Mayorga is accusing Ronaldo of raping her back in 2009, after the pair met in a Las Vegas night club. According to the accusing part, Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly paid her over $300,000 in a non-disclosure agreement, but she has repeatedly stated that she no longer feels bound by that document.

The case was reopened last year after a report by Der Spiegel featuring Mayorga shared details of that night in 2009. This proceedings by the LVPD confirm that all sides will be heard in order to determine the guilt or innocence of the global football icon.

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