Former Real Madrid ace aims fresh dig at Isco over repeated substitute role

Isco's situation at Real Madrid has prompted all sorts of comments. From those who support the footballer, to those who understand why Santiago Solari has relegated to cameo roles since he took over as Real Madrid boss. This time, Solari's decision to snub Isco found a new supporter: former Real Madrid wingman and laureated writer Jorge Valdano.

The former boss aimed a massive dig at the Malaga-born player, mainly because he has not shown any desire to change his status at Real Madrid. 

"I am missing a bit of rebelliousness from Isco. He must know that all things are won and lost on the pitch. He prefers to present himself as the victim than showing that he is a player with grit. Something must be going on in there that has to be important," Valdano stated.

The Argentine coach compared Isco's situation to Vinicius', who has stepped up to the challenge of being a relevant player for Real Madrid, even with the risk of placing too much pressure on his back.

"Vinicius has changed his status in two days and he has been a breath of fresh air for the team. But it's a bad idea to concentrate so much on such a young guy. In this match, he was more decisive but less explosive than against Real Sociedad," the former player added.

Isco's situation at Real Madrid seems to be on a point of no return. Neither the player nor the coach seem interested to patch up their relationship, and if things keep on going the way they are right now, the Spanish international may be living his final days as a Los Blancos footballer.

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