Roma's cheeky response to a tweet offers Messi an unexpected tribute

Social media can offer fans the chance to praise their team's players, to troll their bitter rivals, or share their opinion when no one asked for it. This time, social media was put to good use by Roma, but their tweet was not intended to wreak havoc or to troll someone as they did in the past few months.

The Italian team, known worldwide for their good use of social media, decided to pay tribute to Lionel Messi while answering a tweet about transfer rumors. What may have been an improvised post gathered over 14,000 likes when this article was being written, while also adding a massive number of comments for the Italian team, most of them positive.

Here's the tweet that helped Roma and Barcelona fans to forget about their differences for a minute.

Roma's CMs had been involved in some controversies this year, as they used to mock rivals time after time. One of the most remembered incidents came when the digital team asked Real Madrid fans to give Kostas Manolas a standing ovation when Roma visited the Bernabeu, since the Greek defender scored the game-winning goal for the giallorossi against Barcelona last season. Real Madrid fans were happy to give the man a standing ovation when his name was mentioned in the PA system at the Bernabeu.

Sometimes Roma's CM team has been blasted for their poor use of social media. This time, they have earned one more like on that post!


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