Mourinho opens up about Real Madrid interest as he turns down offer from Benfica

Jose Mourinho finally spoke about the possibility of joining Real Madrid, a topic that has been the talk of many analysts in Europe.

According to an interview published by Portuguese newspaper Record, Mourinho would be glad to make a return to his former teams, since he believes that having people talking about a comeback shows respect from the club and from the team's supporters.

"When a club invites you to come back it's not an unknown bet for them, which is positive. When I returned to Chelsea I realized that. It means that there are some things you did right, and that is always good to know, Mourinho said when asked about the possibility of coaching Real Madrid again.

In the same interview, Mourinho dismissed all claims about a possible return to coach in his home country, especially after Benfica's president named him as an option to take over as the Eagles' boss, following Rui Vitoria's sacking.

"I have no intention of working in Portugal. I don't like to put a positive or negative vibe to rumors, that's why I don't like to talk about them. Right now, I came to Portugal to spend the holidays with my family and friends. I will return to London to focus on my family," Mourinho added.

Mourinho is still one of the top options for teams around the globe, but he seems determined to land one more big deal with a top-caliber club. Will his future cross paths with Real Madrid once again?

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