WATCH: Pogba escapes being hit by a ball during interview in stylish fashion

Paul Pogba has returned to his best form since Jose Mourinho's departure, and his fine form has been put to display even during his interviews.

Manchester United's Twitter feed revealed footage of Pogba in a sit-down with the team's TV channel, where one of his team-mates tried to distract him by hitting a ball in his direction. The player realized the ball was speeding towards him, but he kept focuses on his answer as he iced the situation with a cheeky ball control.

Needless to say, his reaction prompted all sorts of comments from fans, who seem to realize how he is enjoying life at Manchester United without Jose Mourinho around.

Manchester United is set to return to England after enjoying a few training sessions in Dubai. Their next game will see Ole Gunnar Solksjaer's side facing Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley, a clash that will give fans a good idea on how hopeful they can be in the team's intentions to return to the top four in the Premier League.

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