Pogba had special motivation to reach World Cup final with France

Being one of the most expensive players of all time does not mean you can forget about the "real world" and the problems people experience day by day, and Paul Pogba's gesture after today's semi-final was a clear example of how a professional athlete should act when such news happen.

The French star, who was key for France's 1-0 win vs Belgium, shared a warm message of support towards the Wild Boars, the Thai football team that got trapped inside a flooded cave for over 18 days. The boys were rescued thanks to a massive coordinated effort orchestrated by several agencies that offered their help, and even if he could have ignored that fact, Pogba took it to social media to praise their resilience during their ordeal.

Pogba was joined by other pro footballers in praising the amateur team, who hung in there for 18 days waiting to be rescued. 12 boys aged 11 to 17 and their coach survived as the world of football prayed for their well-being. The team had been invited to witness the FIFA World Cup final live, but doctors surrounding the case asked them to decline, since they have to recover from this ordeal by staying at the hospital for one week.

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