Gazinskiy joins elite list with 2018 World Cup's first goal

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is underway! Fortunately, we didn't have to wait that much for the tournament's opening goal.

A header by Yury Gazinskiy was enough to open up the scoring in the competition, sending the ball to the back of the net after a fine cross by Russian star Aleksandr Golovin.

Needless to say, Gazinskiy joined an exclusive goalscoring list with his goal. But what really stands out is the fact that this is only the third time in history in which the first goal of the World Cup was scored via a header.

"Players to score the first goal of the FIFA World Cup with a header:

1978 Lacombe (France vs Italy)

1990 Omam-Biyick (Cameroon vs Argentina)

2018 Gazinskiy (Russia vs Saudi Arabia)"

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