Griezmann keeps rumor mill going with mysterious press conference

Antoine Griezmann is truly a man that likes to keep things close to his chest, as he left all members of the media dumbfounded in a press conference that was supposed to be about his future.

The French star admitted that he has made up his mind about where he will be playing next year, but he chose not to let the world know prior to the World Cup.

"I know that you guys are waiting for it, but now's not the time to announce it. I've already made up my mind, but this is neither the time nor the place to talk about it," Griezmann stated.

The Atlético Madrid striker admitted that making a choice on whether to leave Los Colchoneros or joining Barcelona hasn't been easy, especially with the World Cup right around the corner.

"I've thought about it for the past three months, it hasn't been as easy as you would think. I try to stay calm and focused. Right now, playing in the World Cup is the most important thing for me," the player added.

Griezmann will reconsider his goal celebrations

Speaking about the World Cup, France is seen by many as one of the top title contenders, and Griezmann knows he is one of the favorites to win the tournament's Golden Boot. When referring to the subject of scoring goals, Griezmann admitted that he will have to change his usual celebrations due to the use of the Video Assistant Referee.

"It's going to be complicated with the VAR around. I'll have to wait, look at the ref and kick off my celebrations from now on," Griezmann stated.

The French star also referred to France's hunger for payback after losing the UEFA Euro 2016 title in front of their fans, denying that this tournament will compensate what they failed to do two years ago.

"We don't see it as a rematch, but we will do everything in our power to win. If we're not here with that thought on our mind, then we shouldn't have made the trip here in the first place," Griezmann concluded.


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