Neymar angers Amiens' players with Ronaldo tribute

Once again, Neymar may be facing criticism over his antics on the pitch, as a goal celebration intended to pay tribute to Ronaldo wasn't well received by Amiens' footballers.

During PSG's 2-0 win against the Ligue 1 minnows, Neymar scored the opening goal for Les Parisiens via a penalty kick. As he ran to his left, "Ney" took his boot off and juggled it with his head, in what seemed to be an homage to his compatriot Ronaldo, who used the same pattern in his playing boots.

What really bothered Amiens' footballers was the fact that they were down to ten men after watching their goalkeeper being sent off due to a harsh tackle against Kylian Mbappé.

Have a look at the celebration. Was it excessive?

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