Joseph Blatter slams FIFA over use of Video Assistant Referee

Joseph Blatter, the man who led FIFA to the biggest crisis since its creation, shared his views on the controversial use of the Video Assistant Referee.

For those who don't remember, Joseph Blatter refused to help referees do their job in a football pitch, by claiming that the use of technology wasn't necessary to make the beautiful game a fair one. With that in mind, his recent comments are not surprising at all, since he wouldn't use VAR technology in the upcoming World Cup.

"You can't use the World Cup to run tests. It would be a mistake to use VAR technology in Russia, the system hasn't been clarified, and many countries use it in different ways," Blatter told SportBild.

Blatter stepped down from FIFA's presidency on June 2, 2015, after being elected for a fifth presidential term. Later that year, FIFA banned him from being involved in any football-related activities. As of now, he is serving an eight-year ban due to the corruption allegations made against him.

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