Premier League, EFL and PFA to take drastic measures to manage the economic implications of the coronavirus

The English Premier League, English Football League and the Professional Footballers' Association have issued a statement highlighting their plan to ensure the survival of football clubs in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The three organizations met on Friday and have agreed to work together on how to reduce the economic implications of the suspension of professional football.

With the COVID-19 outbreak yet to be properly salvaged in the United Kingdom, all sporting activities have been halted. Football been postponed until at least 30 April and the season will only be reinstated "when it is safe and conditions allow". However, clubs have begun to suffer the harsh economic impact of the sport being on a halt with some even laying off employees while advocating for pay cut and deferrals among its playing staff.

Without matchday income, sponsorship, ticket revenue and TV money, the situation will worsen by the day and, as a result, the EPL, EFL and PFA are looking at a remedy to put to test as soon as possible. During Friday's emergency meeting, the three bodies reiterated their desire to see the leagues resuming on April 30 but insisted that drastic measures will have to be taken in the coming weeks to counter the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

A joint statement by the three bodies said: "The Premier League, EFL and PFA agree that difficult decisions will have to be taken in order to mitigate the economic impact of the current suspension of professional football in England and agreed to work together to arrive at shared solutions.

"The leagues will not recommence until April 30 at the earlier. They will only do so when conditions allow.

"Further meetings will take place next week with a view to formulating a joint plan to deal with the difficult circumstances facing the leagues, their clubs, players, staff and fans."

In what could be presented as an ideal fix, squad members of clubs could be placed in isolation for a period of up to two months in order to finish the 2019/2020 season by playing the rest of the matches behind closed doors.

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