Barcelona has reportedly agreed terms with Valverde's replacement

The FIFA Club World Cup may bring great news for Barcelona, even if the team is not involved in that competition.

According to a statement by former Chile boss and 1986 World Cup winner with Argentina, Claudio Borghi, coach Ernesto Valverde will begin 2020 without a job, as Barcelona has finally agreed terms with his replacement. The team is still on top of La Liga after 11 games (and one game in hand), but their style of play under the Spaniard has been criticized around the world, which would lead Los Culés to search for his replacement.

Borghi's words in a TV show leave no dout about who will replace Valverde, and that man is none other than current River Plate boss Marcelo Gallardo.

"Gallardo will become Barcelona's coach this December. It's privileged info I have. Marcelo is one of the best coaches in the world, and D'Onofrio (River Plate's president) admitted that he would only leave the club when he wanted to, but I'm saying this after a credible source told me so," Borghi stated.

While River Plate execs have denied such claims, it is a well-known fact that Gallardo has the approval to join the team from none other than Lionel Messi himself, as reported earlier this year. The current Copa Libertadores winner with Los Millonarios may be keen on a challenge such as this one, but he will only have a say on his future after the end of that tournament, where River Plate is expected to make a second straight appearance as South American champions.

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