Former Barça flop slams team for poor handling of Dembelé's situation

Former Barcelona striker Kevin-Prince Boateng did not hold back when asked about his time with Los Culés, especially when he discussed how the team is not doing any good to Ousmané Dembelé's career.

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, the footballer described his colleague as a "little boy," who seems to have no idea on what is happening to him since he joined Barcelona a couple of summer's ago.

"Dembelé is still a kid who was thrown into a big pool. His value went to over $150M overnight and he doesn't fully understand how things work. The main problem, and not just talking about Dembelé, is that young professionals earn too much money. It's unthinkable to see an 18-year-old teenager earning four million euros per year," Boateng said.

The current Fiorentina player looked into the player's frequent absences or late arrivals to the team's training sessions, and asked to look at those situations as part of his evolution as a footballer.

"Dembelé is still a kid, you have to say it as it is, even if he arrives late for work now and then. There are players that do so to challenge their bosses, but his case is different, he's a little boy," Boateng stated.

The Ghanaian ace went on to discuss his time with Los Culés, and admitted that he never had a real chance to show his skills because he was never on the same level as the man he was supposed to replace.

"I never played because I was never able to fill Luis Suárez's shoes. In terms of talent, he is way ahead of me," Boateng added.





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