Neymar's massive wage demands push him further away from Barça AND Real Madrid

Neymar's transfer saga is still making headlines around the world. This time, the Brazilian footballer has found his way to the cover of Spain's most read newspapers due to his mammoth wage at PSG, which he intends to keep wherever he goes.

A report by As reveals that both Real Madrid and Barcelona have identified Neymar's wage demands as a major roadblock to complete the deal. Evidently, Neymar is the best-paid player at PSG, and he is not willing to see his wages diminish despite his desire to leave the French side.

According to the report, Neymar wants either team to offer him a five-year deal to join them, which represents no problem for both clubs. The main issue has to do with his wages, as Neymar currently earns $39M per season, which would take a toll on both of their budget.

As of now Barcelona's best-paid player is obviously Lionel Messi. The Argentine ace currently earns $44.6M with Los Culés (excluding image rights and sponsorship deals), which would see Neymar becoming the second best-paid player at Camp Nou.

Things are even more complicated for Real Madrid, as Gareth Bale, who is the team's top earner, brings home a $23M wage per year (excluding image rights and sponsorship deals). Neymar's arrival would almost double that number, which will surely create a problem inside the team's locker room.

With time running out for both clubs to seal the deal, the possibility of watching Neymar staying put at Parc Des Princes increase. The consequences of hyper inflating the transfer market are becoming a major problem for PSG, since any team interested in the player's services would have to pay over $400M in terms of transfer fee and wages.

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