Mbappé shows interest in playing 2020 Olympic Games with France

Kylian Mbappé wants it all. Not only does he want to play -and to win- the 2020 UEFA Euro, but he has also stated his desire to play the 2020 Olympic games with France.

In a recent interview, PSG's ace admitted that the idea of playing both tournaments next year would be tempting, since he would win all major trophies with Les Bleus in less than two years.

"I have to win the UEFA Euro with France, but I would also like to play the next Olympic games with the team," Mbappé stated.

The main problem for Mbappé is that, in order to do that, he could only enjoy ten days off between tournaments if France reaches the final clash in the UEFA Euro. Added to that, PSG is considered as a top contender to win the UEFA Champions League, which would also make things tighter for Mbappé.

Coach Didier Deschamps did not frown upon Mbappé's plan, but he will try to make it happen only if his performance in the UEFA Euro meets his standards.

When asked about this issue, France's Olympic team coach, Sylvain Ripoll, admitted that having Mbappé around would be quite an asset for his team.

"It is always nice to see players of such caliber showing interest in playing with us," Ripoll said.

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