ATA Football

ATA Football is an online streaming service owned and operated by Atalanta Media, who founded the website in 2019 and started streaming live content in 2020. The American OTT platform was founded by former footballer Esmeralda Negron and Hannah Brown, a former executive for Sky Sports.

Over the years, ATA Football has made a name for itself by streaming live women’s football games, which have included domestic competitions such as the FA Women’s Super League, the Spanish Liga Iberdrola, the French D1 Arkema, the Serie A Femminile, the Fräuen Bundesliga, and more. Added to those leagues, the streaming platform has also been able to offer live games of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Fans who want to use this service might do so via a paid subscription or via the free signup, which will limit their access to all the content offered by the website and app. Those who want to access ATA Football’s content will be able to do via the most popular web browsers in the world. Additionally, an app for Android and iOS users has also been made available to keep fans up to date in women’s football activities. A fast internet connection is suggested to use this app, especially when the user wants to watch live games.