Guardiola shares views on Man City's records set to be broken by Liverpool

Rather than being disappointed by the fact that their spot in history will be stolen by Liverpool, Pep Guardiola encouraged the Reds to keep their current form going.

Speaking ahead of the team's FA Cup match against Fulham, Guardiola denied feeling jealous for the Reds' success. Moreover, he urged Liverpool to try and leave their mark in history, such as they did in the 2017-18 season.

"It can happen. The records are always there to be broken. We broke it when someone thought it couldn't be broken before. Sooner or later it will happen, either this season or in the future, history speaks clearly about that. It's not easy to beat them at the moment, they've found a way to win games," Guardiola said.

The Citizens are 16 points behind the league leaders at this point with fourteen games left to play for Pep's crew. Even so, the manager discusses his plans following Sunday's game, when Manchester City will have thirteen days off before their next clash.

"We'll have a few days off and then train again. Three, four days and then we'll train for Leicester and Arsenal. I want our guys to stay with their families," Guardiola stated while ruling out the possibility of a mini-training camp.

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