Lukaku looks back at Conte's massive rant against him after UCL clash

Antonio Conte is known to be one of the most passionate coaches in the world, and even if he got a bit over the line with this one, Inter Milan player Romelu Lukaku recalled how he learned from Conte's words and rose to the occasion he was being called for.

Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, Lukaku remembered how Conte did not hold back on the criticism against him, which led to a heated complaint by the boss.

"I remember one of my first UEFA Champions League games against Slavia Prague. I played poorly, as if I were trash. He came up to me after the game and yelled at me in front of the whole team. This had never happened to me before!" Lukaku said.

"He told me I was a piece of trash, and if I played like that again, he'd take me off after five minutes," Lukaku added.

The former Manchester United striker admitted that, even if it sounds strange, Conte's stance forced him to be better.

"He destroyed my confidence, but at the same time it was a wake up call. It doesn't matter who you are, he comes at you and tells you what he thinks right to his face. Then, the Milan derby came around, and I played one of my best games of the season," Lukaku stated.

Speaking about his past at Manchester United, Lukaku showed regret about his time under Jose Mourinho, but pinned the blame on the team's lack of success on the team's hierarchy.

"I believe that if Mourinho had been given the players he wanted, we could have done a better job than the one we did," Lukaku concluded.

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