WATCH: Pogba gets sent off after just 15 minutes following nasty tackle

There have been some nasty tackles in the history of world football, and Paul Pogba made sure his name can be featured on that list for years to come.

To make matters worse, Pogba's 15-minute performance came in one of the worst games for Manchester United at Old Trafford, which will only add pressure to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in his term as Red Devils' boss.

Today, Pogba made his way onto the pitch after the halftime break, but his time there was cut short after he decided to try and recover a ball with a tackle against Naby Keita. The main problem was that he clipped the Reds' footballer with a studs-up tackle which could have gone worse if Keita's foot was firmly placed on the ground.

Pogba seemed to escape a red card since ref Anthony Taylor had originally shown him a yellow card. Moments later, VAR officers asked Taylor to have a better look and to change his decision, putting an end to Pogba's performance in this game after watching the action on the screen.

Have a look at Pogba's nasty tackle and eventual red card here (Image might be geo-restricted).

And yes, Pogba also made his way into an elite list of players who have been sent off in the history of this game.

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