UEFA president gives Liverpool a boost in title race amid coronavirus pandemic

European leagues seem to be waiting for further developments before rushing into any decisions regarding who will win their respective titles, and UEFA's president Alexander Ceferin has shed light on what will happen to Liverpool's hopes of being crowned if all competitions cannot resume.

Speaking in an interview with Slovenian newspaper Ekipa, Ceferin stated that he will make an effort to see Liverpool being crowned as Premier League champions, even if they are not able to win the title on the pitch.

"I don't see how we can leave Liverpool without the title. If the tournament starts again, it's almost sure to see the Reds winning. But even if there was no way for them to play, we would need to announce the results in some form, and that includes all league champions. Then again, I can't see any scenario in which we will not see Liverpool winning," Ceferin said.

Even if Ceferin believes that things will go back to normal at some point and football will resume, he refused to name a date on when and how that will happen in Europe.

"I am optimistic about watching the end of the Spanish tournament. I am optimistic about watching the end of the Italian league, I am optimistic in general. But if the circumstances are not safe enough to keep playing football, then we will not out anyone's life in danger," Ceferin concluded.




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