Barcelona's SM accounts hacked; club massively mocked by fans

It was a usual evening among fans, when all of a sudden, Barcelona's Twitter feed announced the signing of Angel Di Maria. The news came as a shock to all of the team's supporters, not only because the player's signing had only been a rumor, but especially because the announcement came at 03:00 a.m. CEST, an unusual time to unveil such an awaited signing.

Tweets from @fcbarcelona , @fcbarcelona_es , and the team's Facebook page were hacked by an organisation named "Our Mine Security Group", which held the team's feeds "ransom" until further action could be taken. This group apologized for the hoax, while asking fans to make the hashtag #FCBHack a trending topic. 

Here are the pictures that prove Barcelona's Twitter feed being hacked.

This is how the team's Facebook page looked like as it was being hacked.

After more than two hours, Barcelona's community managers admitted their accounts had been overtaken.

And of course, supporters from all teams reacted to this story with mixed views.

"FC Barcelona people: Give us €200M and all your accounts will be restored."

— Jose Claros (@JCLAROS_) August 23, 2017

"Barcelona's defense on social media doesn't work either"

— Andres Caraballo (@Andrescar3031) August 23, 2017

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